Grey-Haired Coed

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Talk about big cats!!!

This story hit the news tonight... sort of a nice change from deer running into school buildings!

A Puddle of Poodles...

Sony (on the left) and her sister, Tiny. They don't really like each other, but lie together on this pillow when I'm in my sewing/work room.
Sony's AKC registered name is Simpson's Red Sonja.
Tiny's is Simpson's Tiny Miss.

More Sewing...

I have one customer who loves to square dance. He is a 'senior citizen' and a widower. Dancing keeps him physically active and involved with other people.
He brought me several bags of fabric with specific instructions on the Western shirts he wanted me to make for him. Yes, this is flashy, but that's what he wanted! After all, it's for square dancing, right?
I made 10 shirts for him, each one different. I like to imagine him doing the 'do-se-do' with some grey-haired lady...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Just to Explain...

  • This is the most patient dog a person could know
  • She is 12 years old, 14 inches tall, and weighs 12 lbs.
  • She thinks I BELONG to her
  • Is SO sad when I leave the house
  • Is SO glad when I return!
  • Follows me everywhere
  • Loves to sit in my lap and watch for deer out the window
  • Didn't question why I put an eye patch on her and had her sit on the ironing board for a picture
  • Sleeps with me with her back tightly pressed to mine
  • Gives me 'kisses' for no reason
  • And I hope she lives to be 100

Rate Your Professors...

Have you seen this? It came in my email. Apparently, you can win a trip for spring break...

Aye, aye, Captain Grubbs...

Me name is Sony the Silly, and I'm reportin' aboard, sir. Don't mind the gold, laddie, I purchased it meself with the farthings I ben asavin'. If anyone tries to tell ye different, just point them out to me and I'll use my snaggle tooth to carve them a new smile...he.he.he
Now, have yer mate show me to me quarters, and be quick about it. I'm not a lass to be messed with....Aargh...!!!

Fairy Dust...

When Morgain La Fae, Queen of the Fairies, lost her fairy dust...I just knew I had to help.
This morning in class I gave her this little tote bag. Hope she doesn't lose the bag now!


Morgan suggested we try making lists on our blog.
OK, here are some of things that I really love/care about:
1. My family
2. Our dogs
3. Sewing
4. Teaching
5. Learning
6. Writing
7. Sunny days
8. My computer
9. My Jeep Liberty
10. Word puzzles (anacrostics are my favorite)
11. Living in the north woods
12. Gardening
13. Reading
14. Friends
15. Lilies and lilacs
16. Mysteries (in books and on TV)
17. Good sitcoms
(Not in any particular order, except family will always be first)

Things I DON'T like:
1. Mean people
2. Being in pain most of the time
3. Getting old
4. Being so far away from my daughter
5. Not seeing my brother and his family as often as I'd like
6. Icy roads
7. Idiotic people
8. Not having enough money to do things like help our son and daughter more
9. Getting older
10. Not having very many friends
11. My OTHER brother...
12. Being old
13. Being fat
(Also not in any particular order)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Seeing Hands...

"Seeing Hands is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing reading material to blind children in a format that both the sighted and the visually impaired can enjoy."
Books are typed by volunteers, emailed to the organization, proof-read, then translated into Braille. Then they are printed on Mylar sheets. The book is re-assembled so that a Braille page is over a regular page of the book, so a sighted person can read along with the blind child.
The lady who began this venture has a son who became blind at an early age, and she had trouble finding appropriate books for him to read. So she researched how she could provide Braille books for him and for other blind children. WCCO featured a story about her work. I was very interested and contacted her to see if I could help.
I've been typing books for them for a couple of years (about 200 books so far) They send me the books, postage free (stamped FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND), I type them in Word, email it to them, and mail the books back in the same envelope, again postage free.
(It keeps me out of trouble!)

Eelpout Festival...

Walker, Mn is the home of the 'International Eelpout Festival'
The event started 27 years ago as a joke by a couple of Walker businessmen. Because of all the 'serious' fishing contests held in the area in the summer, these gentlemen decided to 'honor' the ugly, slimy eelpout. The idea grew into one of the largest winter fishing contests in Minnesota. Tens of thousands of people now come every February to take part in the fun. Some of them even fish!
This year the unseasonably warm weather has made the ice extremely unsafe! The official eelpout site is still saying that it is safe...however, the DNR is warning people to stay off the lakes!
Unless we get a week of subzero weather, there will be NO Eelpout Festival! No ice fishing, no ice races, no 'party' tents, no sleeping overnight on the ice, no 'funniest camp' contest, and the number of DWI's will be a lot less...

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Here is Tiny, Sony's sister. She was a little jealous and wanted her picture in my blog, too. (I know what you're with it!) They are 12 years old, but act like puppies...
Tiny is 9 inches tall, about 2/3 the size of her sister. She thinks my husband belongs to her... She knows when he is due to come home from work and will go to the door and wait for him.

On-going Sewing Project...

Here is my Sony modeling a sample of an on-going sewing project. She is not happy....does not like to wear clothes....
I make bandanas for the Walker Animal Hospital. Since last fall, I have made over 500 bandanas for them (fall colors, Christmas, Valentine, and St. Patrick designs). The wife of the vet cuts them out (various sizes) and I hem them. Instead of getting paid in cash, I do it to pay for any vet services we incur with our two poodles. 'It's a good thing' as ol' Martha would say!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Thank you...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and understanding. As many of you said, this is my blog, I should blog when and how often I choose. I have SO much to learn yet and am willing to continue struggling to 'find my way' in this new medium.
One thing I know, I love writing, and love hearing from fellow bloggers.
Soon we will have a 'project' for our blogging class...some wonderful idea will come to me....I hope!
So I will pick myself up off the floor (where I had fallen if you remember), quit hollering for 'help', and look around for inspiration once again. It could happen!
My son has a goofy line he uses now and then--"I tried to think, but nothin' happened!"
Well, folks, I'll keep trying to think, and maybe something will happen!

January Thaw...

January thaw, global warming, whatever it is, I love it!


Remember that commercial in which the old lady is on the floor calling..."Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!!"?
Well....I feel as if this old lady has 'fallen' into blogging and can't shut up.....
Do I have a lot to say? Maybe...
Do I need to post so many times in one day? No...
Does anyone read what I write? Some...
Will I develop a more measured approach to blogging? I sure hope so...

I don't want to come across as some 'crazy old broad'. Really I don't...
Sorry if I have been blathering on too much. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nero Wolfe...

Ah....Rex Stout's unbeatable detective, Nero Wolfe, comes to life on the Biography Channel on Saturday nights.
Maury Chaykin plays the large detective with a flair. We believe that this man has a mind like a 'steel trap', can deduce the situation so that the culprit always, always is caught!

Timothy Hutton plays Wolfe's dapper aide. He also serves as executive producer of the show and has directed many of the episodes.

This is not only a riveting mystery show, but a wonderful picture of styles of dress and decor in 1940's New York. It's fun to see the automobiles used in the show, also!

Prairie Home Companion...

On Saturdays from 4pm till 6pm, I listen to 'A Prairie Home Companion' on Minnesota Public Radio. The show is unique in these times. (I'm old enough to remember lots of wonderful radio programs from the OLD days)
Garrison Keillor hosts a mix of music, comedy and interviews with guests from varied venues. The high point in each program, for me at least, is his monologue about "Lake Woebegone", his fictional hometown. I have learned that he gives these talks with no written cues, and admits that he doesn't always know where the story will lead him. That takes courage on a live program!
The show's home base is the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. However, the entire cast moves around the country during each year, presenting programs on various college campuses. Unfortunately, I missed their appearance at BSU....... :(
Their annual 'Joke Show' is usually available on CD after the broadcast. Lots and lots of old corny jokes and many new ones, too!

Midsomer Murders...

Another crime classic on the Biography Channel. This English crime drama series, based on books by Caroline Graham, is filmed mostly in the villages and towns of the rural counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. John Nettles plays Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby of the Causton C.I.D., a laconic, down-to-earth detective who faces many ingenious and remarkable murders. This long running series will have you wondering till the very end! Just the way I like mysteries.

Inspector Morse...

The 'Inspector Morse' series - clever, well-written, well-acted. Sadly, John Thaw, who played Morse passed away in 2002 from cancer. The Biography Channel plays re-runs of this wonderful series.
There is much to enjoy in these wonderful mysteries. The beauty of the English countryside and lovely architecture, the Old World customs, all together make for an enjoyable viewing while the viewer tries to keep up with Morse.


The Biography Channel....ah....Agatha Christie's Poirot! Played to perfection by David of my favorites! Even though these are mysteries, I love to watch them more than once, just to catch the nuances in Suchet's performances. It is said that he read all of Christie's books starring the Belgian detective, taking innumerable notes on his behaviors and habits.
I've also read all of her books and feel that Suchet has definitely captured the character.
He also played the determined hunter of the Bigfoot in "Harry and the Hendersons"...totally different characterization. Good actor!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


If you haven't seen Bones yet...go for it! Got hooked on this one, too!
I like the fact that it is based on an actual person, forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs. Need to find out more about her, for sure! (and read her books!)


I admit it...I've become an addict of 'House'... It was on for over a year before I took a look at an episode. (I normally don't watch much serious stuff on the major networks.) I do enjoy several sitcoms, but usually I surf over to TCM or the Biography channel.
Somehow, I found out that Hugh Laurie was the main character on 'House'. I had loved him in 'Jeeves and Wooster' so much that I bought all the episodes on DVD. If you've ever seen him in J&W, you will find it hard to believe that it is the same person! This is an amazing actor! Gone is the lovely English accent, in its place a 'spot-on' American voice!
Each episode is a medical mystery deftly handled, keeping you on the edge of your seat. I was hooked after just one episode. I now have all the episodes on DVD of 'House'!

Blogging the Blogosphere...

The question is not
what you look at
but what you see.
-Henry David Thoreau

Dr. Morgan has given us an assignment to 'Draw a Map of the Blogosphere'. At first, I thought that this would be an exercise in futility considering the hundreds of thousands of blogs winging their way through the 'ether' every day. After all, he did give each of us some BIG PAPER! But the more I think about it - we will only be mapping the part we know about! And by know I mean those blogs that we have seen, read, or heard about. Even by whittling it down to those, we are looking at a large number. So in actuality we will be diagramming types of blogs and their connections...sound better? It is still a difficult assignment, but by trying to do it we will be learning a great deal about this new phenomenon we have jumped into.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Airport...

Maybe it's because of the wind and snow...but our birdfeeder is a regular airport this morning. We are used to the chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, and the red-breasted nuthatches that come every day. However, this morning I had such a treat! A small flock of goldfinches monopolized the feeder for over an hour! They are showing their winter colors now, in spring they will be bright yellow with the black/white wings.
I kept my camera ready while baking, washing dishes, etc. Then a little group of redpolls showed up! However, they are VERY camera-shy! I will try later, hopefully they will come back...

Just A Chicken...

OK, I chickened out...Got up this morning, had my coffee and muffin, showered, dressed, gathered materials for class (Web Content Writing), filled my thermo mug with coffee and headed out the door...halfway to the garage - snow blasting in my face and glasses - I turned around and came back into the house. Yes, I'm just a big, fat chicken. This went through my mind over and over...

Gloomiest Day of the Year...

According to this article yesterday was the "Gloomiest Day of the Year". As if we needed an 'expert' to tell us that!


Go confidently in the
direction of your dreams
Live the life you
have imagined.

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sharon is my name and sewing is my game...

Thanks so much for the nice comments about my sewing! I never thought it was that big of a deal before. All the women in my family always sewed, for generations. I just thought that was what women did! It wasn't till several years ago, when a friend asked me to make her a dress for her son's wedding...word got around...and suddenly I had a home-sewing business! Praise the Lord! The extra income has helped out in so many ways. For instance, recently I was able to purchase a really nice new washer and dryer!!!
Even Erin, our TA for this class, had me make her something! It was the first time I had worked on fake fur. Hint: have a vacuum handy at all times!

Blogging from a different site...

I'm posting from the Writing Resource Center, a 'special' place. (Dr. Morgan says I shouldn't call it a 'different' place)

And more...

These were done on purchased purses.

Another one...

Here's another one...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

This is what else I do...

After struggling with the class assignment for the last few days, I 'relaxed' today at my sewing machine. It's been calling to me! Usually, I spend at least 2 or 3 hours a day hemming jeans, replacing zippers, or making a new outfit for one of my customers. So, with nothing to fix, mend, etc. I had time to return to making tote bags.
My sewing machine is a Pfaff 2140. It has an embroidery attachment and is hooked up to my computer. I download designs from various sites on the 'web', transfer them to the machine and sew my little heart out! Usually I embroider dish towels or quilt squares for sale. Lately, I've been trying something new. I embroider a design, then sew it onto contrasting fabric, embellish it with odd buttons, then put it on the side of a tote bag. I make the tote bags from recycled drapes. I line the bag, add the cotton webbing for handles, and presto! A tote bag! I have them for sale at a local shop in Walker. Fun times!

Something is Screwy!!!

I don't know what is going on with 'Blogger'....the post I worked on all morning, "Older But Wiser", a study of my third non-class blog, posted way down the list and is listed as being posted on Thursday!!! Weird!!!

Maybe blogger is getting tired! I know I am..................

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogging a blog

Daring to Write: April 2005:
"So, if my theory is sound, I might expect to feel just a glimmer of inspiration by now. But I don't. So, I remind myself that it is good to write about how the writing is going or not going. It is good to just keep the pen on the page or my fingers on the keys and see if something eventually spills out."

This is just a taste of what this lady is trying to do with her blog. She is an accomplished writer, able to describe the world around her in such a way that we can not only 'see' what she sees, but hear, smell and yes, even taste what she writes about.
She is a facilitator of a writing workshop in Richmond, British Columbia, and includes this 'blurb' in her blog:

daring to write

putting what really matters onto the page

It takes courage to stand up to the critic within,
the one who mutes our authentic voice and holds us back
from sharing the prose and poetry
we long to release.

It also takes a gentle starting place.

I invite you to experience the safety and support
of my writing table, a place to explore your ideas,
free your stories and unveil your courage to create.

Dare to discover your emerging power
to write what matters most.

6 Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 10 p.m.
beginning April 26, 2005

Workshop fee: $150

facilitated by Wenda Nairn

She posts almost every day, even when she has nothing to say-

tired and uninspired

I suspect this means I will get a better sleep tonight.

As for type of blog, this seems to be the 'notebook' variety. In Blood's book, she describes "longer pieces of focused content...notebooks tend to focus on the weblogger's inner world or their reactions to the world around them..."

Wenda's use of the blog seems to be a concerted effort on her part to 'prime' her writing pump (my analogy). She is using the blog as a way to consistently sit down at the keyboard every day and create something with words. Whether this is a picture of a place she has seen, or an experience she has had, it is a good exercise in writing every day. She shows the discipline that a good writer needs to have.

Some of her posts are very short, as the one mentioned above, but usually of medium to long length. Her experiences of the day are described in lovely, evocative detail At times, we get a glimpse of her structure and dedication to her writing craft:

So, tonight I am taking my gratitude book to bed with me where I can close my day by listing and reflecting on what I'm feeling grateful for. And tomorrow I will start a new day pouring my dreams and unleashed thoughts onto some morning pages.

Gratitude, conscious reflection and free yet deliberate writing has helped me find my way out of the darkness before.

I trust my pen more than I trust my memory.

This blog is addictive! It should have that as a warning label!

At times, she links to other places on the web, but very seldom. One link leads to
The author is a busy lady, involved with many things: she facilitates a writing group, a poetry group, and integrity quest group, and also speaks of meeting with 'clients' on a regular basis. So the fact that she takes the time to blog on a daily basis is significant. To her, the blog is a way to keep at her writing, try out ideas, etc.

WW II Veterans

Someone sent me this. WW II vets are dying, this man wrote this song to thank them for what they did for all of us. Our country isn't perfect by any means. But the freedoms we enjoy were purchased at a high father fought in Germany in WW II, and was one of the lucky ones to come home. Until the day he died, he had nightmares about the horrors he witnessed, but he was proud to have served....

This is a song thanking the vets with a short video.

Mountains, Lillies and Things - 'Blogging a Blog'

I discovered this blog through a grad student at BSU. This is the blog of her mother in Montana. Signora B. is about my age, born in Germany, and English is her second language.

Her blog is a combination of 'blog' - detailing happenings in her daily life, and 'notebook'- relating stories of her early life in Germany "The Tea Kettle" on Nov.7, is one such entry.

In Signora's profile, she apologizes for her spelling, grammar, etc. but her entries are very readable, always understandable, and convey emotion very clearly. The entry from Thursday, Dec. 22, 2005, "A Wonderful Present!" is an example of detailing a cherished memory and telling it in such a way that the reader can 'see' the people and place, 'hear' their voices and the noises of war, even 'smell' the wood stove and Christmas cookies. We can 'feel' the desolation and then the joy that her family experiences as they find out a missing relative is still alive! Anyone who reads this without wiping tears away at the end...well, they would have to have hearts of stone! Each time she writes about one of her war-time memories, the reader is left with wanting more. To me, that is the sign of an excellent writer!

Signora also uses her blog as a journal, telling about everyday happenings in her life. Even as she does this, she manages to not just tell about the 'bare facts' of a situation, but lets the reader know how she feels about a situation. As Rebecca Blood says (p. 27), "you create an online representation of your thinking."

Signora manages to give us a picture of herself, her attitude about the world, her hopes for better things. Especially in "Waiting in the Express Checkout". In that post, we can see a situation that would irritate so many people, but Signora deftly describes how she made the best of it and found something good at the same time. She does this without preaching or ranting. We simply have a picture of a lady who is comfortable with herself and always willing to look on the bright side of every situation. What a marvelous quality!

She uses pictures of the beautiful area she lives in now, adding text to describe where a picture was taken, and how it made her feel. A Place to Sit and Daydream, is one such post. It makes the reader want to jump in a car, hop a train, or grab a plane to go to that wonderful spot!

Signora has not been blogging very long (less than a year), but has attracted several faithful readers (including myself). She does not link to any other material. Her posts are usually of medium length, the exception being when she posts images. Sometimes she will post a lengthy description of the place in the image with comments on her feelings about the place. Then again, she will post an image with no text or just a brief description, letting the image tell the story.

This is a blog worth reading for so many reasons. The author is a woman who has an interesting past (that the reader wants to know more about), and when posting about 'every day' happenings, she manages to put the reader inside the situation to understand how she feels about it (another mark of an excellent writer!).

Friday, January 20, 2006


Yes, I have a roaring headache... Have been working on my assignment for Web Content Writing - creating a 'How-To' page. Switching back and forth from the 'edit' mode to the 'save' mode to see how I'm doing. Not good with trifocals...Ah, the joys of growing older...

On a lighter note, have decided which blogs to review for this class. Now to get at it.


Is it possible to develop an addiction to something after just a week and a half? Yes. I think I'm already addicted to posting, checking on other blogs, commenting on other blogs, checking to see if anyone commented on my blog, messing with my template, thinking about what else I can blog about....oh my goodness....
I'm in a different position than my classmates in that I am only taking two classes this semester, am older (therefore out of the loop?), am taking classes not for credit but for the learning experience alone, am trying desperately to keep my mind active and alert as my body keeps developing new aches and pains...
Thank you to Dr. Morgan for his help and encouragement, and to classmates who do the same.

A Beginning...

I am excited! After hours and hours of searching various 'blog rolls', doing lots of blog searches, I have found four, (count 'em) FOUR blogs written by 'senior citizens' that I can use for the assignment!! Yeah for me! Yeah for the two lovely ladies who have read my stumbling efforts to create a blog and 'volunteered' to let me use their blogs!!! Now THAT shows a commaradarie among bloggers! Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Older, but no wiser

Older, but no wiser
This site is definitely a 'filter' style site. The author explains why he is blogging, and in Blood's words, his blog "strive(s) for pithiness,....are focused primarily on the world outside their door....The self, when it appears on a filter-style weblog, is revealed obiquely, through its relation to the larger world."
Andy Borrows, the author, 'is that magic age over 40', actually, he is not 48. He was asked to be a part of the "100 Bloggers book project" and has many interests. He shares his own photos of favorite topics and links to those of others he finds interesting. Many posts are interspersed with both photos and explanatory text as he relates items to an experience he has had, or an interest he is pursuing.

"Photoshopping. Even though the software I use isn't actually the pukka Adobe thing, it seems that "photoshopping" has entered 21st century vocabulary as a generic activity descriptor in the same way as "hoovering" did in the last century."

His photos are so beautiful, so compelling, it is worth a trip through is blog simply to view them!

In his very first post, he outlines some of his plans for his blog:

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Work in progress

By its very nature a blog will always be work-in-progress. This one is more so than many, in that I really need to tidy up the presentation (meaning I have to learn some HTML) and add more functionality - comments, blogroll, trackback etc etc.

But one thing at a time. First I need a new ISP, a domain name and broadband.

Until then, I'll probably be the only person reading this...


I looked through the blog listings (non-class blogs) and tried to find any that might be written by a senior citizen...can't say I feel as if I've found anything I'm comfortable with. Will continue searching tonight and tomorrow.
Dr. Morgan, hope you feel better!

'Beast' who adopted us!

About 20 years ago this wonderful dog showed up on our deck sad. Naturally, I started to feed him. So he stayed! We called neighbors, but no one was missing a dog. We contacted the local vet, put an ad in the paper, but no one claimed him. So we got to keep him!
He grew...and grew...taller and wider...!
He's lying down in this picture, but when standing up he looked like he was part German shepherd and part St. Bernard! He was the biggest dog I'd ever seen, but so very, very gentle. My kids named him "Beast", and it certainly fit.
My husband and son built a dog house for him, he was just too big to have inside our house. They even built a fence for a 'dog run' for him.
But unfortunately, there was a pack of local 'pets' who ran loose and would come and torment him. One day when we were all at school/work, he apparently broke through his fence and joined the pack...we heard later that the pack was 'running deer' and someone shot him...
I think this could be a comment on the dangers of 'peer influence'.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogging blogs....

Aspen continues to offer good advice...and even when she's sick! Way to go, girl! Opening links in another window is a great idea. I tend to get lost quickly if I don't do that! Thanks

I had to ask Sandi about her blog...Morgaine L Fae...hmmm. I'm not saying any more! You'll have to ask her!

Grubbs, please, I want a new chapter! Discover an island, find a floating palace, attack another ship or something...whatever pirates do.

Jess has some wonderful pictures of her mom's new puppy! Dog lover that I am I want to see more.

Dan has a start...needs to remember that we're all beginners, all learning and no one is going to judge another's spelling, grammar, whatever! Be brave!

My 'Little' Kids...

These are my 'little' kids. Colin is 6'2", and Stacy is 5'11". I am 4'11", my husband is 5'4".
People ask us how we happen to have such tall standard answer is: 'Our children are adopted and we asked for the large economy size'.
Colin tells people that he is a 'rental child'.
One good thing about the size difference - they can reach things that I can't!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Winter Beauty

I'm trying to see the beauty of winter more clearly. Here the trees are covered with hoar frost.
There is something so 'fairy like' about the forest when this happens, especially when the sun is shining on it and it sparkles like diamonds!

Classmates' Blogs

Have been spending time looking over blogs of classmates. I am so impressed by the variety and technical knowledge that others are demonstrating.
I've added a 'blog roll' to my site of the blogs I regularly check on. Erin's blog has been my favorite for quite a while. She uses lots of pictures to illustrate moods, happenings in her life, and shares family photos, also. She's not afraid of writing about feelings, personal things, anger, laughter, and makes fun of herself at times. She is the one who encouraged me to blog!
Angel also 'tells it like it is'. Although she doesn't post as often as Erin, when she does it is always something worthwhile.
Natasjia's blog is a mixture of quotes, pictures, and personal life. She links to others as a means of explanation or embellishment. Also well done.
Loni's blog includes some really fine writing about topics that are universal. She has a way of looking at things that makes the reader re-consider their own feelings on the subject. Nice!
Aspen's blog is light-hearted and lets the reader 'see' her personality very clearly! Warm, funny, helpful....She isn't afraid to laugh at herself, either!
I'm trying, but can't quite understand Grubbs' blog. It's funny, but I don't know if it is meant to be. The 'role-playing' is unique. I'll have to visit more often to see what the over-all pattern/meaning might be.
I like Sue's blog for her definite love of cats. She shows a warm heart for sure!

For Grubbs...

Here is the first picture I took of the fawn. He is drinking from a puddle in the driveway...his mom just left. I'm looking out the upstairs window.

The Bailey Bunch

This is the third grade class at the Walker school that I visit once a week. We worked together to make a cookbook to give their parents for Christmas. I'm hoping to start another Weblog with them providing the text and ideas! They don't know this yet!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The View From Our Window

Somehow, in between worrying about the ice and snow on the steps, driveway, and/or the highway then checking the weather channel for the forecast every fifteen minutes, I managed to see some beauty in the ice and snow that covers the landscape. It's hard for me to do that...chalk it up to being in nine car accidents and one bus accident.
So I look out our livingroom window and marvel that I CAN see some beauty after all. This picture is from the last snowfall.

Wasn't going to but couldn't resist...

The fawn is about 4 days old here. I went out to take another picture and talk to him. It looks like he's really concentrating on what I'm saying...see the tiny furrows in his brow? But after I looked closely at the picture, I realized he was peeing on my tulips....
Ah, nature....

Sunday, January 15, 2006

...and so good night dear readers....

Isn't that a quote from someone, somewhere? My English major days are so long ago...
I've spent today reading blogs, messing with my template, posting the fawn pictures, finished up my assignment for Content Writing for the Web, and sewed. Yes, still sewing...Replaced zippers in two pairs of jeans, hemmed two jeans, and one pair of work pants. Oh, and went to the casino with my husband in the morning. Came out $60 ahead! Not bad for a day, huh?
You can tell I'm tired....

...and just one more....(for now)

He curled up in the bottom row of my rock garden...before the carnations began to emerge from the soil and mulch. We think it's a 'he' - there seem to be tiny horn 'buds' over each eye. Isn't he beautiful?

In case you haven't seen enough...

I think this little one was about 2 days old when I took this picture. He was still pretty wobbly on his legs - those legs that look WAY too big for him!
You can tell this is quite early in the spring, the lilies have not opened up yet, but tulips have finished.

About the Fawn....

Thought I'd explain about the picture of the fawn... Last spring one of the does who frequents our yards left this little baby in my flower bed. After calling a friend who works for the DNR, I found out that does leave their babies for extended periods of time during the first week after birth. Fawns are born with no scent so that predators cannot find them. The mother returns several times a day, only to nurse her baby. This friend cautioned us not to touch the baby.
So I was able to take some wonderful pictures of this little one. After about a week, it was gone. We would catch glimpses of it now and then with its mother.
One doe had twins and it was a delight to watch them play and scamper around while she grazed on the grass in our yard.
The only 'down' side is that the deer feel so very comfortable in our yard that they decided our arborvitae bushes were there for them to eat...also my hosta plants....and our apple trees....and blue spruce my son planted along the north side....oh well, I still love to watch them. Now, however, if I catch them eating a 'no-no', I will yell at them to 'GET OUT OF MY YARD!' Usually, they just look at me....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Checking out other blogs

I like Dan's honest comment "I lack using complete sentences..." I think this is perfectly OK on a blog. It's an informal venue so why not informal speech patterns, slang, whatever?
Loni has had a blog for a while but now says, "good things often come of leaving Comfortable". So why not? Let's leave Comfortable and try new things.
Aspen has decided also to continue a blog she already has. She's comfortable with it and that's fine too. She has developed a style that feels good to her and is easy to read and enjoy!
Muriel echoed a comment I had made earlier, blogging, whether reading them or writing one CAN be addictive!
Tiffany appears to be very comfortable in her blog - I see lots of links to others. Here is a another person I can learn from!
I don't know what 'snapdragon's' real name is, but he/she has a good start.
Jes seems to have jumped in with both feet! Lots of links, lots to think about in her posts.
Sue's love for her cats and even for the 'homeless' cats in her neighborhood just warms my heart!

Still Trying

I'm still trying to figure things out on this thing. Man, sometimes I feel so stupid! Course everyone else seems to be doing so well and I'm glad for you-all, but.....I'll get it, eventually!

My Very First Comment!

I am so honored that Froyd dropped by and left a comment!!!! NOW I feel I've arrived in the world of blogs!
I hope to have something interesting, or amusing, or thoughtful to say at least once in a while. Bear with me, all you experienced bloggers!


The grand essentials of happiness are

Something to do
Something to love
and something to hope for.
--Allan K. Chalmers

Friday, January 13, 2006


This is my family.
Husband, Dale, retired Navy Master Chief, now working in Court Administration in Walker. He is in charge of felonies.
Son, Colin, has a degree in Computer & Voice Networking, is now studying at BSU for his Manufacturing Engineering degree.
Daughter, Stacy, just completed 6 years in the Navy as an Information Technician, now attending Columbia University in Fort Worth, Texas studying Criminal Justice.


The time on these posts is wrong. Is it me or is Blogger in a totally different time zone?

The learning curve is getting steeper!

Each time I begin a new class I'm nervous. Will I be able to keep up? Everyone else seems so 'in tune' with what is going on. I have to listen so carefully, read the hand-outs two and three times. Is it because I'm older? I'm not trying for a grade, just a good, solid understanding. But I want to LEARN! I will keep trying...keep working...keep reading...keep practising. I'll get it!

Learning All the Time

Practice makes perfeccccttt.
practis macs purfick

First Blog for Class

Here I am again, this time I am creating this in Weblogs & Wikis class. Let's see if this works this time....